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Our Mission

Canadian Martial Arts Games will be the major event for all Canadian Martial Arts disciplines. The Games will play a key role to enhance the positive image, strong spirit, and great values of true Martial Arts to the public.

  • An opportunity to meet all Great Canadian Martial Artists
  • Unity of the Canadian Martial Arts community
  • Enhance brotherhood/sisterhood
  • Networking
  • Exchanging of knowledge
  • Be recognized for your martial arts contribution to Canadian society by the Canadian Martial Arts community and the Government
  • Be nominated to the Canadian Martial Art Hall of Fame
  • Be eligible to participate in the International Martial Arts Games which will be held every four years by the International Martial Arts Games Committee (IMGC)

The essence of all Oriental Martial Arts is a deep-rooted belief that courtesy is the ultimate of all virtues. It is this virtue, according to the ancient saints and wise men that is required of any human being in order for them to maintain a peaceful co-existence with the world.

Conversely, the main goal of sports for people nowadays lies in the desire to win over or defeat an opponent, sometimes at all cost. The perpetuation of this mental attitude, fuelled by greed to achieve personal fame and/or fortune, is often accompanied by a loss of respect for other participants, lack of acknowledgement of seniority, and a disregard for proper sportsmanship.

The fundamental and cultural differences between these two contrasting concepts are clearly evident. It is also apparent that the increasing popularity of martial arts is related to society's present preoccupations with excessive materialism. However, this materialistic attitude has failed to satisfy the void of spiritual fulfillment that society is seeking.

With the growing violence in our world, individuals have been left feeling helpless and vulnerable. More than ever before, people of all ages are knocking on the doors of martial arts schools in search of a more secure and disciplined lifestyle. We can no longer ignore this pervading need for a disciplined and structured way of life.

Martial arts were originally conceived with the objective that through a program of vigorous mental and physical training, one could develop the necessary self-confidence, control and power to foster the evolution of a more peaceful society. To this end, the dedicated martial artist should be dedicated to the defense of the just and protection of the weak.

The fundamental difference between Eastern and Western values has somewhat altered the present day martial arts competitions. In their most prevalent format, they no longer provide a medium of the dedicated martial artist to achieve the goals that the masters of their art intended, and become well rounded and complete warriors. It is widely accepted that today's Olympic Games have deviated further and further away from the original Olympic spirit. The members of the Olympic Committee helplessly continue to deny most legitimate martial arts the attention they deserve.

The time has come to take the initiative as a community to resolve these problems in sport. The formation of the Canadian Martial Arts Games Committee would be an excellent step forward in serving to preserve martial arts and their noble philosophy for our future generations. The participation of enthusiastic leaders like you is important in ensuring the success of this committee.